Bellingham Athletic Club Racquetball

Racquetball League

League Schedule

League is available three times per year (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Check the Racquetball Upcoming Events section for the next available league. Contact Jessie Scott for more information.

League Format

  • You may reschedule a match if you cannot make it on the Wednesday it is scheduled. Please avoid this as much as possible. Players reserve their Wednesday evenings for play, and it can be difficult and a pain to reschedule!
  • You must reach your opponent at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.
  • Do not try to reschedule at a different time on Wednesday evenings. All courts will be reserved for other matches from 5 –10 pm. Failure to reschedule your match and get it played by the end of the 5 week session results in a forfeit for you and a win for your opponent.
  • Matches are two games to 15 and a tiebreaker to 11 when needed.
  • League points are scored as follows:  5 pts. – win in 2 games, 4 pts. – win in 3 games, 3 pts. – lose in 3 games, 2 pts. – lose in 2 games.
  • Time of matches changes after 4 weeks. Please be sure and read carefully on the schedule!!!!
  • After 5 weeks of play, the top two players in each division move up, the bottom two players will move down. Two players remain. (Based on total points for 5 weeks.)
  • The league will end with a two week playoff.