Tari’s Life In Balance Testimonial

Hi Tiffany,

Good to hear from you. I’m sad to think that Life In Balance is coming to an end next month, but I’d like to be among the first to let you know that I’d like to participate in the next session. You, Tara, and Kaylee have provided just-right workouts that have me stronger all around. Each session I leave feeling very much pushed to the limit physically and satisfied that I’m making progress. I like that I can come early for cardio and also use your computer to enter my food diary information.

Recently Kaylee helped me see, through analyzing my BodyBug caloriesconsumed records, a major error in my food choices that was slowing my weight loss. The personal attention is the best part of the program and the three of you are generous with your fitness training information. I learn something new every visit about core strength and the creative ways you show us how to use the equipment. Kelly’s nutrition goal setting sessions every other week are an extra ‘layer’ that has not only given us a chance to discuss common eating habit issues, but allowed our group to bond through sharing our life fitness histories and current challenges. This was an unexpected bonus that I haven’t experienced with any other weight loss program.

Thanks again to all of you for your contribution to my feeling healthier and setting goals for weight loss. I wish you luck in getting the program to the level you want and will give you a hand if you need.