Patty’s Life In Balance Testimonial

Life In Balance has just quietly celebrated its one year anniversary. Over the past year we have seen many impressive successes. Not just in weight loss, but in health gains as well. We have had a whole mix of people; from those already fit who have battled their weight for a while to people who started out unable to endure the treadmill for more than 3 minutes. It has been amazing to watch the strength gains and health gains of those who have followed through with the program.

We are always looking for new people to inspire. If you are interested, please talk to membership and they will point you in the right direction for a free consultation. Here is a testimonial from someone who is starting in on her second round of the three month program…


I’ve been meaning to write a note to you about how Life In Balance has impacted my life. This is like the 100 days in office for the President. It is my first 100 days in Life In Balance. You give me hope that I can be here to see my grandchildren graduate college.

My parents died young and I never thought I would ever grow old (let alone overweight and out of shape old). I’ve outlived my Mother by 13 years and my Dad by over 8. When I was younger, I was active and exercised regularly. I didn’t always (or actually rarely) eat healthy but I stayed active which I hoped was good enough. Apparently, it had some because I am still here. Over the past 15 years I have had increasing health challenges. I’ve dealt with life threatening health issues and continue to deal with many chronic health issues. One on top of the other gave me the excuse to do nothing. If I did I decide to do something about how I felt and/or my weight, I would jump with complete dedication until I would come up with some excuse. Too much work–injury–just too tired to get out of bed—not making a difference. You name it. I used it. Last April I was on the verge of yet another chronic life threatening illness. My doctor said I better do something now or I would have to add one set of medications and restrictions to my already long list. It was then that I started checking around the area of help. I looked into hiring a personal trainer. I just knew if I had the same kind of help Oprah has that I could make a lasting change. Only, I don’t have her money. Perhaps a boot camp is what I needed. Something to get me really going, but I knew that would be a recipe for disaster with all of my health challenges. A gym it would be and hopefully I could get inspired. I walked in to Bellingham Athletic Club and told Bo to sign me up. I noticed a flyer on the Life In Balance program. Salvation! A personal trainer, in a group setting, with some nutrition help. I begged to be signed up and then called and called until I was told to come in and try it out. I fell in love with the program the 1st
day. Not because I felt better. The opposite was true. Every unused muscle in my body Bellingham Athletic Club – 4191Meridian St., Bellingham, WA 98226 – (360) 676-1800 was screaming at me. But, I came back, and back, and back. I wear my BodyBugg everyday and feel lost if I forget it in the morning. I use my Bug to help me be mindful of what I am eating and how much I am moving. I haven’t stopped eating foods that I love (which is why I need the Bug to help me). I’ve just learned how much I can eat.

Instead of a bag of chips, I find I really can eat a serving of chips. I’ve also learned to allow myself to throw leftover food away instead of eating, and to let myself mindfully eat when my life is upside down. In my first 100 days, I’ve reduced my body fat percentage by 5%, lost over 17 pounds, and over 12 inches. More importantly even though my arthritic joints are screaming at me, and my chronic health problems still flare up, I move better and feel better. I’m stronger and certainly have more energy. I lovingly call it boot camp for the physically challenged. Life In Balance has made a new person out of me. Life In Balance is my doorway to a new way of living. Thank you Tiffany, Kaylee, Tara, and Kellie for helping me believe that even people like me can have fun while getting fit.

Thank you for being my salvation.