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BAC Downtown proudly introduces our newest exercise system GTS Gravity. GTS Gravity uses an individual’s body weight as resistance, utilizes a cable and pulley system and free-motion glideboard. Adjustable to nine different levels of resistance, the machine engages all major muscle groups and facilitates more than 250 strength training, stretching and Pilates exercises. Space is limited to 4 participants for 45 minute classes.

Members are attracted to personal training sessions on GTS, either in one-on-one or small group sessions. With GTS, there is no moving around or waiting for equipment. Members also enjoy lower prices for training in small groups on GTS while they continue to receive the personal attention so important to the successful personal training experience.

$48/1x per week Member
$60/1x per week Non-Member

Please contact BAC Downtown for class times, dates, and availability.

Weights for Women

Get the benefits of a personal training session in a dynamic group atmosphere!  Our Weights for Women program runs throughout the year.  Sessions are two days per week for 75 minutes.  For more information and start dates, please contact the front desk.  See Flier.

$64/Month Member
$84/Month Non-Member


Tacfit is an intense 30 minute functional training class.  It is a circuit based class that has varying levels of intensity to meet the needs of almost all levels of fitness.  All exercises are chosen and arranged in such a way to improve body awareness, joint mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength.

Classes take place in Studio B Downtown:
Tuesday 6pm
Thursday 6pm

$6/per class Member
$10/per class Non-Member


Recpuperate, Rejuvenate, and RESTORE!  Muscle tightness and joint stiffness cannot only be byproducts of everyday life but our exercise regimen as well. Let’s face it flexibility and recovery type exercise is not one many of us put a lot of time and effort into until we develop a problem. Often when we do set time aside we are not sure quite what to do to be effective and time efficient. BAC presents its newest Personal Training program, Restore!

Restore is a 30-minute personal training class designed to:
Decrease tissue density
Mobilize soft tissue
Mobilize joints
Restore range of motion
Rejuvenate the body

Cost: $4.50 drop in for members; $12.00 drop in for non-members
Mon-Wed-Fri 10:30 am
Tue-Thu 5:30 pm

Location: BAC Cordata
Contact: Mark Jacques and Mike Locke


Cost: $5.00 drop in for members; $10.00 drop in for non-members
Contact: Mike Locke