Barb’s Beer Foundation

We all have people in our lives that are unique and special. Barbara Murphy was certainly a very dear friend of mine, and several other BAC employees and members. Barb was at the club every day (no excuses) to take Group Exercise classes. She loved her workouts and was an avid runner, participating in several marathons; her favorite one being the Boston Marathon.

In 2007 Barb was diagnosed with non-smokers lung cancer, completely out of the blue. She battled and fought valiantly before passing away in December 2013. She continued to stay strong and fit with daily workouts while she endured the rigors of treatments, chemotherapy, and surgeries. She never lost hope, and continued to inspire and brighten the lives of everyone around her. She focused on doing what she could to create awareness for this disease, which afflicts a quarter million Americans a year – including 3000 people, mostly women – who like Barb, have never smoked.

Barabara passed away 5 years ago. But her husband, Tom Murphy, has continued to keep her memory alive since then by working with a local brewery to create a beer in her memory. “Barb’s Beer” was inspired by the many Friday nights that she would join her family and friends for pizza and a tasty brew. She loved the conversations that took place around a table of loved ones – sharing stories, laughter, good food, and of course, a cold pint.

Tom started the “Barb’s Beer Foundation” to raise awareness of this disease and to help Barb’s oncologist, Dr. West, and his foundation to find a cure. Since its inception, Barb’s Beer (which is brewed locally at North Sound Brewing) has been picked up by numerous restaurants and businesses across the country from Bellingham to New York, with all proceeds dedicated to finding a cure.

Please join Barb’s Beer Foundation for the 4th Anniversary of Barb’s Beer hosted by Boundary Bay on July 19th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. LaFiamma will provide pizza, Northsound will provide Barb’s Beer. Barb’s husband, Tom, will sign copies of “Runner in Red”, his new Boston Marathon novel, with proceeds going to support our Barb’s Beer cure lung cancer campaign. $15 donation at the door gets your pizza and Barb’s Beer. See for more details on the campaign’s progress.

I would love to see as many BAC members there as possible. Whether you knew Barb or now, the reason we gather together to raise money and awareness is so important. Please join us and bring your friends along to celebrate memories, achievements, and friendship!

Jeri Winterburn
Group Exercise Director

Distance Swimming

Many of us who use the pool are accustomed to a quick workout – put in a few springs, some IM, a few 200’s, and call it a day. We tend to focus on the variety of activity and intensity of the workout, rather than the duration. But distance is a major factor in the success of your swimming workout! When you focus on building speed alone, you may find that you lack the strength training necessary to maintain that speed for a distance. Distance training can also be incredibly useful in triathlon, open water, or really any kind of race training. To get a maximum return on your workout, it’s best to vary the types of workout you complete through the week. For every spring set you do, put in a quick 300-500 yard freestyle. It can even be helpful to set aside an entire workout dedicated to a mile or two at a time. Remember, in the swimming world, we consider 1650 to be a mile. Here’s a starter distance set to get into the swing of things; remember that as you grow stronger, your workouts should increase in difficulty as well. Challenge yourself this summer; train outdoors, in the pool, go for the strokes and distance you’re not comfortable with! The only way to improve is to test yourself, so get to it!

1×200 swim
1×200 kick with board
1×200 pull with buoy
1×200 sprint

Main Set
1×400 IM at 90% effort
1×200 freestyle easy
1×500 freestyle build to spring
2×100 choice easy
4×50 freestyle spring

Cool Down
1×300 freestyle cool down pace

Total Yardage: 2600

BAC Night with the Bells

The Bellingham Bells are back in town! As one of the sponsors of the Bells, we are welcoming them to come work out at BAC! They will be part of our community through the summer.

Join us for our annual “BAC Night with the Bells” on Wednesday, July 25th. Pick up your tickets at the front desk and bring the whole family to enjoy a night at the baseball field!

Junior Racquetball Camp

Junior Racquetball Camp will take place July 23-26. The camp is taught by Professional Instructor, Wanda Collins. This year we’ll have special guests: BAC Junior Players who have represented the State at Junior Nationals. The Camp consists of Racquetball basics including strokes, servers, off the back wall shots, game strategy, foot drills, speed and agility exercises, camp shirts, and a mini-tournament on Thursday.

Beginners/Intermediate Camp
Ages 7-11
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Monday – Thursday

Intermediate & Advances Camp
Ages 11-16
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Monday – Thursday

$125 for members
$140 for non-members
$10 off for siblings
Registration deadline is July 16th

Contact Wanda Collins ( for more information.

“The Stork” Outer Gluteal Activation

The “Stork” is a static hip exercise for strengthening and activating the lateral Gluteals, Gluteus Medius, Gluteuas Minimus, and the Piriformis muscles. This set of external hip rotators are responsible for abducting the leg out away from the body, rotating your leg outward, and stabilizing your femur at the hip. Non-activity and injury can cause this group to become weak which can affect the overall performance of your hip complex, affecting your gait and in some cases cause knee, hip, and lower back pain.
A static exercise like the “Stork” means that the exercise requires you to hold the position for a set duration, much the same as an isometric where the limbs and joints do not move but the muscles are contracted. The duration can be as short as 10-20 seconds to as much as 30-60 seconds depending on the prescription.
To perform the “Stork” take an inflatable balance disc, foam pad, or even a moderately firm pillow and place it against the wall. Turn sideways to the wall so that your shoulder is next to the wall with your feet about shoulder width a part. Lift the leg closest to the wall and trap the disc between your lower thigh and the wall with your leg not quite 90 degrees. Stand tall and put your wall side hand on the wall for balance. Begin by driving your body into the disc with you outside leg. Your wall side hip should not touch the wall. Keep the outside leg straight throughout with the body tall. Hold for the prescribed duration and repeat on both sides 2-3 times. Please see our BAC Personal Trainers to learn more about the “Stork”.

“Standing Donkey Kick”: Glute Activation

The Static Hip Series is called the “Donkey Kick”. The “Donkey Kick” is a static hip exercise for strengthening and activating the Gluteus Maximus and the Hamstrings. The Gluteus Maximus and the Hamstring muscles work in concert with each other to extend your hip. Extremely important muscles for gait in walking and in running. Injury and inactivity can dramatically affect the performance of these two groups which in some cases may cause modifications to gait and running mechanics, increasing the chances of injury and or pain.
A static exercise like the “Donkey Kick” means that the exercise requires you to hold the position for a set duration, much the same as an isometric where the limbs and joints do not move but the muscles are contracted. The duration can be as short as 10-20 seconds to as much as 30-60 seconds depending on the prescription.
To perform the “Donkey Kick” take a “Ballast Ball”, Stability Ball with sand material in the bottom, or a regular Stability Ball. Note that a “Ballast Ball” has a little more stability that a standard Stability ball. Pin or trap the ball at the base of a wall, a corner works even better as the ball will not roll around as much and you have a wall to stabilize and balance yourself with. Turn your back to the wall and the ball and then place the sole of one foot against the ball. Your support leg should be far enough forward, that the knee of the foot that is on the ball is slightly behind the front leg. Standing tall drive the heel of the foot on the ball into the ball. You should feel a contraction in the Gluteus Maximus and hamstrings. Hold for the prescribed duration and repeat on both sides 2-3 times. Please see our BAC Personal Trainers to learn more about the “Donkey Kick”.

Beginners Racquetball Clinic


Want to learn how to play racquetball? Join club pro, Wanda Collins, for a Beginners Clinic that will take place on both Monday, July 2 and  Monday, August 13 from 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm.

Free members
$15 nonmembers
All equipment provided.

Meet Jeri Winterburn

Jeri WinterburnJeri Winterburn has been teaching fitness classes for over 35 years. She is also a syndicated fitness columnist and wrote weekly columns for the Bellingham Herald for several years. Jeri has been featured in a R.I.P.P.E.D video available online.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping and hiking with her family – as well as breeding Bernese Mountain dogs, and creating unique jewelry and wreaths, and dried floral arrangements which she sells online. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, Jeri is always eager to help you attain your fitness goals.

Peace Health Foundation Care, Share, and Inspire Gala

BAC gang at the Peace Health Foundation Care, Share, and Inspire Gala on Saturday, June 9th: Mike Locke, Maria Jenkins, Amy Wolsdorf, and Tina Schumacher. Amy was awarded the Philanthropist of the Year Award by the Foundation.

Also, here is Hanna Ornes’ inspirational video.

Racquetball Tournament Schedule

I know its super early but you should mark your calendars now for the 2018 – 2019 tournaments that will be held at BAC. We are looking forward to a fun season!
– Fall Classic – November 16-18, 2018
– State Doubles – Jan 18-20, 2019 (yes this is what would normally be the Winter Shootout, but we were asked to host a state tournament by the WRA and thought we would give it a shot!)
– Northwest Open – March 14-17, 2019
Keep your eyes open for the WRA to release their tournament calendar, it will have all of the tournaments in the state of Washington listed on it. As always, we are looking for sponsors to help make these tournaments even more successful than they already are. If you or anyone you know would be interested, have them contact Jessie Scott, Racquetball Director.