Attention smartphone users!

Attention smartphone users!  You can now download the Rollga App for your phone!! On this new app you will find the latest information on how to receive the most benefit from foam rolling with the Rollga. Video and articles right on your phone to help walk you through the process. For iphone users go to the app store and for android users go to the google store and download the Rollga free app. BAC Personal Trainers are also available to help you with the exercises as well as help you select the Rollga density level that is best for you. Get started with Rollga today with the Rollga App!!!

Spring Break Kid’s Camp

Looking for something to do with the kids during Spring Break? We will be offering a kid’s camp for the week of Spring Break 2018! Stay tuned for more information!


Join us on March 26, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. At the Bellingham Golf & Country Club to learn more about talking a guided tour of Tanzania! Outdoor Adventures’ guides Jombi and Wilfred, of Tanzania Outdoor Adventures, share their local knowledge. Safari locales include all the parks in Tanzania, Zanzibar Island, with its rich history and beautiful beaches, and stunning Rwanda to visit the magnificent mountain gorillas in their own habitat. Sign up on the “interest lists” at either BAC locations.

Welcome Back Celine Mauger!

Celine MaugerCeline teaches Zumba® Fitness classes at the Cordata location every Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Friday at 5:45 pm. She strongly believes that exercising can and should be fun and enjoyable and always strives to make every class a party. Her goal is to make her routines easy to follow so that everyone moves the whole time and gets a great cardio workout. She also shows modifications throughout the class for lower impact steps. Celine holds her Group Exercise Instructor Certification through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. Only three rules apply in Celine’s Zumba® classes: Keep moving, have fun, and smile! In her personal life, she likes to spend time with her family: her husband Michael, with whom she moved from France 12 years ago, and their three children who are 9, 6 and a brand new baby. Help us welcome Celine back to her class tomorrow (after her maternity leave!)

Class Changes/No Kids Club

The 47th Annual Northwest Open will take place at BAC March 15-18. Due to the size of this tournament, we need to change some things around. Please note the following:

*Friday March 16 @ 5:45pm Zumba w/ Celine will be moved to the Downtown Club
*Saturday March 17 @ 8:30am Power Pump w/ Heather is cancelled (participants are encouraged to do the Runnin’ O’ the Green!)
*Saturday March 17 @ 9:45am Zumba w/ Maria will be moved to the Downtown Club
*Sunday March 18 10:30am Step w/ Cindy will be moved to the Downtown Club

Kids Club will be closed at 1:00pm on Friday and all day Saturday. Re-opens Monday.

ACU Mobility Ball

Want to learn more about the ACU Mobility Ball that we sell in our Pro Shop?

The Benefits of Fitness Trackers

I’ve been wearing a fitness tracker for years. I started with a Polar watch that measured my heart rate with a band worn around my chest. It was accurate but a bit of a hassle. Now I wear one on my wrist. These days, there’s a wide variety of trackers that monitor different things depending on what you’re trying to measure. Trackers are useful for staying connected with your progress and committed to your goals.

Here’s a review of some popular models.

Polar has lots of trackers to choose from and a support page to help pick the right one for you. The A370 is their every day/all day model. It tracks heart rate, sleep and activity. The standouts for this model is it’s waterproof for swimmers and has GPS for runners, at a reasonable price point. Polar has the reputation of having the most accurate feedback of all trackers, important for the serious athlete. This model is $179.95.

Fitbit has a variety of models. I’ve been wearing the Fitbit Charge HR for the last year or so. It tracks my activities, monitors my sleep and heart rate. Its smaller than the referenced Polar unit, but isn’t waterproof. The stand out for this Fitbit is that I can get texts and notifications on the screen. $149.95 Fitbit has recently come out with the Iconic at $299.95. The Iconic rivals the Apple watch with options like adding available apps, making payments and has a customizable clock face. Although it is a contender with the Apple Watch, it’s a fitness tracker at heart. Standout feature – the battery life is around 4 days. The Apple Watch needs to get charged every day.

The Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $329.95 (what is with the .95?). It has all of the benefits that the other trackers do including activity and sleep tracking, GPS, and connects with online coaching. The Watch has unique options such as cellular service without bringing your phone (for an additional $70), connects with Siri and can be used for swimming. Apple has teamed up with Nike for some training prompts and information that runners will want. There are many accessory options, and of course, the Apple Watch has the cool factor.

There are many more trackers on the market. Most work with apps that will capture and store your activity information. They’ve got inspiring stories, interesting tips for improvement and some have online workout classes in case you can’t make it to the gym. Many of them have a community you can connect to and challenge other people going for similar goals, Each one has a slightly different use, appearance and comfort level.

Trackers help keep you committed to attaining your goals. The information can be as minimal as steps taken each day, to the more technical options of precise heart rate and activity monitor. They’re particularly useful if you’ve got goals and want to make sure that you’re on track. Go try one on and see the benefits right away.

Susie Landsem
Aging in Place by Design

Swim Lessons

Next Swim Lesson sessions:

March 6 – 29, 2018 (4 weeks/8 lessons)
April 10 – May 3, 2018 (4 weeks/8 lessons)
May 8 – 31, 2018 (4 weeks/8 lessons)
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 10am–12pm, 3:30pm–5:30pm, & 5:30pm-7:30pm

We offer adult groups lessons from 7:00pm-7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as private
lessons to meet your personal fitness goals.

Call (360) 676-1800 to sign up!

Press here for current Swim Lessons details and pricing.

Press here to go to the Aquatic Page.

Meet Leah

Hi, My name is Leah and I have been teaching group fitness classes for over 3 years. I have an AFAA group fitness certification and currently teach a kickboxing/power class at BAC. I also enjoy running and hiking with my dog. When I’m not at the gym, I work at Opportunity Council as a Case Management Supervisor for Homeless Housing. I love reading, watching movies, and drinking wine with friends.  And I’d love to see you try out one of my classes!

Acumobility Ball and the Rollga Foam Roller

Here at BAC we continually look for unique products which we feel can enhance our clients and members health. Two such products can be found in our BAC Pro Shop, the Acumobility Ball and the Rollga Foam Roller. These unique products take tissue mobility work to the next level of effectiveness. The Acumobility balls base, texture, and density give it a distinct advantage over using a lacrosse, tennis, or therapy type ball. Where as the Rollga and its specifically designed contours fit your skeletal structure allowing you to access the soft tissue more effectively then a conventional foam roller. You will immediately notice the difference, so if you are looking for an effective soft tissue tool the Acumobility ball and Rollga are a must have! If have questions regarding either product please speak to a member of our BAC Personal Training staff.