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Beach Body Bootcamp

With spring drawing near it will be time to pull out the shorts, skirts and short sleeve shirts! Come join me in my 4 week workshop: Beach Body with Mikayla! I will help prepare you for a long spring where you can show your body off with pride! This bootcamp will incorporate high intensity interval training and will leave you with a head full of exercises that you can do practically anywhere! I will also provide you with a free Body Fat Analysis before and after the bootcamp. I am looking forward to helping you end your day in a fun and exciting way while targeting those trouble areas. First class starts on March 9th! See you there!

When: Tues/Thurs
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Where: Downtown Studio B (Tues) & Cordata Gym (Thurs)
Cost: $90 Members – $100 Non Members / $60 for 5 classes

Welcome Back BAC Swim Team!

There have been lots of changes in the pool this winter, and we are very excited about our newest addition to the aquatics program. We will be welcoming back our BAC Swim Team, and are currently accepting new swimmers! Our program is designed as a learning program, with primary emphasis on teaching swimming as a competitive sport. Swimmers will learn essential swim team skills and improve their technique while swimming off some of that extra energy. We accept any swimmer who has completed a manatee level from our learn to swim program, or anyone who is able to complete the tryout requirements. Swim Team run on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7PM, and costs just $55/month for members! Our next session will begin on March 7th. So, are you curious whether your student has what it takes to be a swimmer? Here’s your challenge! If they can do this workout and would like to try more, ask about signups at the front desk!
Swim Team Tryout Workout:
1. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) freestyle with side breathing
2. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) backstroke
3. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) breaststroke
4. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) butterfly
5. Do a flip turn on the wall while swimming freestyle

Dino Muscles

Dino Muscles program in Kids Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Dino muscles improves motor skills, balance, memory, and listening skills! Just drop your child off in KC from 10-10:30am and get them ready for the adventure season!

Dino Muscles is free for members and $5 for non-members!

St. Patty’s Day Friday Night Out!

Friday Night Out is a great opportunity to drop the kiddos off knowing they are safe and entertained. From 6:30pm- 10pm kiddos play games, swim in the BAC pool, and finish up with a snack and a movie! This special FNO will be St. Patty themed, wear your brightest green and join us for an evening of fun!

When: Friday, March 10th
Where: BAC Cordata
Time: 6:30 – 10:00pm
Cost: 6mo – 3 Year Old Members: $12 Child of a Member: $14 Non-Member: $16
4-10 years (swimming) Members: $18 Child of Member: $20 Non-Member: $22

Northwest Open Racquetball Tournament

Bellingham Athletic Club will be hosting the 46th year of The Northwest Open Racquetball Tournament on March 16-19th. This is the largest tournament of the year bringing players in from all over the Northwest. We always like to give our members plenty of warning as this tournament has quite an impact on the Cordata Club. We invite you to use the Downtown Club to accommodate those of you who would like to avoid the crush of the tournament and have a relaxing weekend workout. You are invited to come to the Cordata Club to watch the intense racquetball play, but understand we have 100 players and family members rotating in and out of the club for their matches, so it is definitely not the normal relaxed weekend atmosphere. Because of the size of the tournament we need all the courts so none will be available for recreational play from Friday the 16th at 1:00pm through Sunday evening. Regular Group Exercise classes will run in the Group Exercise Studio all weekend, but Saturday Zumba and Saturday Kids Club will be cancelled. We thank all the members for your patience while we run this great event.

Inclement Weather Policy

For the safety and well-being of all those concerned, our weather policy is as follows:

When the Bellingham Public Schools are closed due to weather, BAC will be open with a skeleton staff, but there will be no classes or appointments.

When the Bellingham Public Schools are delayed, BAC will be open, but there will be no A.M. classes or appointments.

In the event of extreme weather, we may find it neccessary to close the club. Please check the website, call in, or listen to your local radio station for information. This is a very rare occurance, but is sometimes neccessary for the safety of our members and employees.

Swim Lessons

Swim lesson session:
March 7-30 (4 weeks/8 lessons)
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 10am–12pm, 3:30pm–5:30pm, & 5:30pm-8:00pm

We offer adult groups lessons* from 7:30pm-8:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as private
lessons to meet your personal fitness goals.

$50 non-members / $45 child of member / $40 members
Swim Team Price: $65 non member / $60 child of member / $ $55 member
Call (360) 676-1800 to sign up!
Press here to go to the Aquatic Page.

*We are happy to announce that we have revamped our adult lesson program to include new levels. By splitting adult lessons into skill-based groups, we aim to offer every swimmer a more thorough instruction. However, because different adults have different needs and goals, please take these levels as guidelines. Adult lessons are offered in the evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out our new levels below!

Adult Beginner
Pre-Requisites: This level has no requirements, and is ideal for those who are new to the water.
Skills: Te primary goal for this level is survival and safety swimming. We will help you learn skills including floating, water mobility, effective kicking, and more.

Adult Intermediate
Pre-Requisites: How to float without assistance and recreational swimming skills. This level is for folks who know how to swim for survival, but would like to learn formal strokes.
Skills: In this level we will be learning strokes, including freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke, as well as an introduction to lap swimming etiquette.

Adult Advanced
Pre-Requisites: Freestyle (Crawl Stroke), with or without breathing. This level is for those who have already had some swim training and would like to refine their technique for lap swimming.
Skills: Freestyle technique and breathing, fip turns, lane etiquette, intro to butterfly and breaststroke, and a brief introduction to writing your own workouts. We will be offering swim lessons for kids as well, which are offered in the morning, afternoons and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out our kid’s levels online!


Have you heard about BAC’s own nutrition program? Here is what people are saying about Fuel:
“I’d like to let you know how grateful I am for having been in your excellent program. There are valuable lessons that will be useful to me for a lifetime and I was to thank you for having been a great teacher, motivator, cheerleader and resource person for the group. Your insights have helped me to get to the point of choosing better nutrition and generally living better and feeling good every day. Im sure everyone in our group enjoyed a measure of success getting to our stated goals. I hope you will continue the program because there is so much noise and TMI out there that we need to get the fuel program to sort all of it out in a way that makes sense. Thank you SO much and we’re really blessed to have you in our gym and in our community.” -BAC Member Lilia The next Fuel is coming soon! Please contact Tina Schumacher at (360) 393 – 7777 or to answer any questions. Tina is also available to do individual consultations and is ready to help you get to your long term health and performance goals.


Jeri is teaching RIPPED Mondays at the Cordata club at 5:45 p.m. If you’ve been thinking about trying it out – now is the perfect time! It’s a new class for the New Year!

Top 10 Reasons to come to RIPPED Class:
1. Its efficient – you can burn an average of 750-1000 calories. You go hard so you CAN go home. You get all the cardio and resistance you need for the day.
2. Its motivating and fun! (Time flies when you’re having fun!)
3. Great music!
4. You never get bored! (With new seasons out on a regular basis, it will not only keep you interested but it will continue to SHOCK your body!)
5. STRONG is the new skinny
6. Athletic based
7. You earn the right to wear a shirt around the club that says R.I.P.P.E.D
8. Anyone can do it! Plenty of options given to modify or take it to a higher level!
9. You get results!
10. WHY NOT? If you can come up with a reason “WHY NOT TO DO R.I.P.P.E.D….refer to the 9 above!

Junior Racquetball Lessons

Need something to keep your kids active during the winter months? Encourage them to try something new, and sign them up for Racquetball lessons with Club Pro, Wanda Collins! Juniors play in our tournaments for only $15, thanks to the Washington Juniors Associations. This is a GREAT way to make new friends and stay active when we’d really like to hibernate! Stop by the Front Desk for dates and fees!